Morgens geht die Sonne auf

Mild temperatures. All year round. Almost always.

Here in Liguria, the lemon trees are out in the ground all year round. You are in one of our chic holiday homes indoors at the laid table. In winter no temperatures below 4 degrees and in summer not above 30 degrees. almost always. There are no daily storms here, rain is also rare. We wonder for ourselves when we read the weather reports on tropical temperatures north of the Alps. Well, at night we have July/August the tropical summer nights above 20 degrees. That’s why our houses catch every draught because of their construction. Or have an automatic environmentally friendly climate situation: on the mountainside towards the sea. The inland winds provide gentle cooling in the night hours.
How men and women need it. This is what holidays should look like. Day the sun and at night the moon.
On this page you can see the daily weather report and live pictures directly from Colle Lupi. So you can look forward to your upcoming holiday or ask for very accurate weather news every hour. We have our own weather station here, which provides exact data to several weather services in the microclimate that exists here and then also to you.

Live image Colle Lupi. View of the sea.

Vista Mare Colle Lupi

The camera image points directly to the bay of Porto Maurizio. If we manage to cut the eucalyptus tree again, on the left the view of the Parasio. This hill is the oldest part of Imperia.

Live image Colle Lupi. View of Monte Faudo.

Vista Mare Colle Lupi

View of Monte Faudo. The highest mountain in the area (1149 m). A great but difficult mountain bike track. On the opposite mountain are the small villages (from left) Costa Canara, Trincheri, Bellisimi and Lecchiore.

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