Eat and drink

Of course, this should not be missing on holiday.

The cuisine of Liguria, how can it be otherwise, is shaped by Monti è Mare, here of course Terra e`Mare.

On the coast, fish dominates: crustaceans and mussels and especially squids and octopuses (Moscardini, Polpi, Seppie), sardines (Sarde) and anchovies (Acciughe) are typical antipasti. Noble fish like Dorate, Branzino) and swordfish (Pesce Spada) are secondi (main courses) and are mostly prepared on the grill, al sale or al cartoccio, in foil or parchment.


A special feature is the Brandacoion, a casserole made from stockfish and potatoes that can taste very good, thanks to the poor people’s kitchen.

The cuisine of the hinterland is characterized by herbs and vegetables, the secondo (main course) consists mostly of meat dishes of goat, sheep or rabbit.

The terrace cultivation is typical for the area, but did not bring big yields, so that one had to switch to inventive recipes, the vegetables and herbs mostly come from the native vegetable garden (Orto) which still today many Ligurians have.


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